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Shiromaru motoaji_Top.png

Shiromaru Motoaji

Shiro JP.png


A classic Hakata-style ramen. The pork bone is simmered for over 18 hours to create a creamy and smooth tonkotsu. Paired with ultra-thin noodles and a combination of pork belly
and pork loin chashu.

Akamaru Shinaji

Aka JP.png
aka std.png


Ippudo’s original creamy tonkotsu with special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil for
a more intense flavor. Served with ultra-thin noodles, pork belly and pork loin chashu.
A modern Hakata-style ramen.



Karaka JP.png
New!! KARAKA std.png


Ippudo’s original tonkotsu broth with spicy minced pork miso and hot chili oil. Served with thin wavy noodles, pork belly and pork loin chashu. Spicy with an addictive kick!


Zero Special

Pics for WEB-06.png

Kasane Special

Black Shoyu SPE.png

Black Shoyu Special


Zero JP.png
Kasane JP.png
Shiro JP.png

Our story started from this ramen
in 1984 - Ippudo episode "Zero".
A simple & light pork soup served with
thin noodles and toppings of pork loin,
spring onions and sesame.

A Blend of chicken broth tonkotsu
and fish powder. Served with
torched pork belly, fried onions and sous-vide chicken chashu

Light and flavourful black shoyu
soup is a blend of chicken
clear soup and fish broth mixed
with shoyu, served with thick
noodles and torched pork belly.

Kuro Special

Kuro JP.png

Black pepper koyu, Ippudo's
thick and chewy noodles in original
tonkotsu broth accented with of
black pepper and a homemade
slight-spicy miso paste.



Tsukemen JP.png

Made fresh daily, our special thick
and chewy Tsukemen noodles are
served cold al dente.
A perfect match dipped in the hot,
rich tonkotsu broth blended
with bonito flakes.




Daimyo Special

Hakata Tantanmen Special

Daimyo JP_White.png

A mixture of tonkotsu and
chicken broth, served with chewy noodles,
aburi pork belly, pork loin, shoyu seasoned
soft-boiled egg and seaweed.

Tonkotsu with rich flavor from creamy white sesame paste and spicy oil. Served with aburi pork belly, pork loin, minced pork miso, soft boiled egg and seaweed.

Teppen Gyoza.png

Crab Bun

Crunchy soft-shell crab served in
a steamed bun with sweet chili mayo

& teriyaki sauce.

Teppan Gyoza

Ippudo’s classic pan-fried gyoza served pancake style with crispy thin crust.


D02-065_Pork Bun_.png
New York Best Seller.png
D02-065_Chicken Bun_.png

Pork Bun

Originating from Ippudo NY, the world

famous pork bun. Juicy pork belly

with special sauce and creamy mayo.

Teriyaki Chicken Bun

Deep-fried boneless chicken with teriyaki sauce and mayo, serve in a steamed bun.


Pics for WEB-08.png

Hakata Gyoza

Pics for WEB-01.png

Ippudo’s original pan-fried dumplings

served in sizzling hot plate with

dipping soy sauce.

Crispy Fried Squid

Deep-fried fresh geso squid topped

with aromatic seaweed powder.

Pics for WEB-02.png

Chicken Karaage

Homemade chicken karaage deep-fried

to golden brown perfection.

Pics for WEB-09.png

Aburi Salmon Roll

Fresh salmon roll topped with lightly-torched

mentaiko sauce and tobiko.

A global best-seller!

Pics for WEB-07.png

Age Takoyaki

Deep-fried takoyaki with diced octopus filling, topped with special sauce and bonito flakes.


Pics for WEB-05.png

Sake Mentai Rice

Rice topped with grilled minced salmon,

mentaiko sauce, and soft-boiled egg.

Pics for WEB-04.png

Niku Meshi Rice

Rice served with stir-fried pork in

Japanese sauce and onions, topped

with poached egg.

Pics for WEB-03.png

Chashu Rice

Rice topped with braised pork belly,

spicy pickled mustard leaves, and

onsen egg.

Ippudo Fried Rice.jpg

Ippudo Fried Rice

Ippudos classic fried rice with

pork chashu, naruto and egg.

Served in sizzling hot plate

Spicy Fried Rice.jpg

Spicy Teppen Fried Rice

Fried rice with special spicy sauce and chashu pork, topped with onsen egg.

Served in sizzling hot plate

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