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For career, please send your application to

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Kitchen Crew

Our restaurant  is like a stage where each of us plays a role like an actor. Our chefs prepare the food whole-heartedly to ensure each dish is perfect . From cooking to serving, every move is choreographed, all to create our perfect bowl of ramen.

Service Team

At Ippudo, we aim to provide the best service and to say thanks to our customers through ramen. we hope to spread  the joy of ramen to everyone through our smile and "Arigatou". To bring an impeccable experience to dinners here at IPPUDO,  and maintain high quality of services: it is a challenge every day and you will never get bored.

Head Office

IPPUDO Thailand is operated by Foodxcite as the partner of IPPUDO Japan. If you are passionate about food, we welcome. you to join our team. Currently, Foodxcite operates 21 IPPUDO branches  around Bangkok. Join our team to explore the exciting food journey with us!

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