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Yuzu Shio Wantan Ramen.png

Yuzu Shio Wonton Ramen

YuZu Shio Name.png

NEW! A perfect blend of specially simmered gyokai soup served with homemade yuzu kosho chicken wontons and thin sillky noodles, chashu pork belly, tamago, bamboo shoots, and a refreshing garnish of grated yuzu peel.

24 April 2024 - 23 July 2024



Ebi Mayo Karaage

Crispy golden fried shrimps topped with crunchy garlic and Sriracha mayo sauce. Pure indulgence in every bite.

24 April 2024 - 23 July 2024

Exclusive Menu


Spicy Hamburg

Japanese hamburg steak served on homemade chewy noodles, topped with spicy Karaka miso, Parmesan cheese and soft-cooked egg. Juicy and melts in your mouth!

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